Letter from Herbert Hitchon - Editorial Ethics


November 25, 2009    


    My wife, Lyn Hitchon, and Carefree Mayor David  Schwan have again been vilified by Don Sorchych in his My View column.  A newspaper's purpose is to educate the pubic with facts.  I have always found the best educators are scrupulously ethical.  Mr. Sorchych, rather than seeking to educate, attempts to influence by means of intimidation and humiliation.



    There is a code of conduct for the editors of scientific journals, called COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics).  While this code of conduct was compiled for scientific journals, the standards are applicable to all editors.   The following is specified by COPE:

• strive to meet the needs of readers and authors;

• constantly improve the journal;

• ensure the quality of the material they publish;

• champion freedom of expression;

• maintain the integrity of the academic record;

• preclude business needs from compromising intellectual standards;

• always be willing to publish corrections, clarifications, retractions    and apologies when needed.



In my opinion:

-       the only needs met are Mr. Sorchych's, in his quest for intimidation and power.

-       The news reporting has continued to deteriorate over the years

-       His publication is the worst form of sensationalist tabloid tripe I have ever had the displeasure to read, filled with innuendos, half truths and frank lies.

-       There is no freedom of expression unless it agrees with his view

-       He has no integrity and only prints what he thinks will further his power base

-       If you do not toe the line he will try to damage your business and/or run you out of town

-       Mr. Sorchych is never willing to publish corrections, clarifications, retractions or apologies. 

Unfortunately, Sonoran News reporter Linda Bentley has the same ethical standards as her handler.



The picture below sums up my opinion of the Sonoran News.



Herbert Hitchon